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Art Deco

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A stunning  1920s Coral and Bone Bracelet. Circa 1920 Ref G.WPlease contact Gillian on 01227 792491 for availability.

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A selection of Art Deco china Items priced individually. Ref PR. Only one available so please contact Pauline on 01227 453490 or 0775104 3075 for more details and to ensure availability.

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Art Deco Tea Set Fabulous 12 place setting tea set with sterling silver lighting handles Ref Barn Please contact us to ensure availability.

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Deco NecklaceChain size 30cm longRef G.WPlease contact  Gillian on 01227 792491  for availability.

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This truly stunning Sunrise and Tall Trees Trio is one of the most collected designs with the Yellow sun rising through black tall trees. Woodland in shades of grey and a field , or meadow , in yellow.   Shelley collectors often start their collection off by owning first the Art Deco Queen Anne Sunrise and Tall Trees trio Ref Barn.Please contact...

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This collectable Shelley coffee set sits on a stunning tray and the design 11371 is called Basket of Flowers dating from 1913 - 1926 . Ref Barn. Please contact Peggy on 07780 675201 for more details and to ensure availability